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Getting the edge in video starts with exceptional videographers.

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Our team has all the right stuff.

You can’t have the edge unless you have the creativity, the savoire faire and the talent to back it. Edge of the Frame Videographers bring all that and then some to every one of your projects. Every single time.

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The edge gives you strategic video that captures your audience.



Strategy plus creativity equals edge.

You’re creating a video because you have a business problem to solve. Brand awareness. Engagement. Sales support. We get that. We are masters at marrying up strategy and creativity: two essential ingredients to giving you the edge.

The view is far better from the edge.

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Live Streaming

Corporate Videos



Using your edge is a smart move.


Wow your boss, your team and your customers.

Amazing things can happen when you give yourself the freedom to experience the edge. You want video that performs? Start here.

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Ready to be the hero?


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Edge Video is the team to make it happen.

Our team has been shooting for over 25 years. We are highly educated in film and come with a wide range of rich experiences.

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Here's what happens next.



Getting the edge for your next video is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. We’ll have an initial call to discuss your project, your needs, budget and timeline.

  2. We’ll deliver our Edge Proposal to you, plus work out a time to shoot and execute.

  3. We’ll edit & deliver your video – a 2-week turnaround time for your first cut and we’ll keep working until you have the edge you need.



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