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Here's our story.


We’re great at video because we studied it and live it.

Exceeding Expectations

Our team has been shooting for 25 years – producing and creating videos. We went to undergrad and grad school for this. We’ve worked with businesses large and small. We’re videographers, editors, voice over artists and graphic artists – all with one goal in mind: to give you the edge through video.

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Our first priority has to be ensuring your video has the strategic edge.


Our team knows how to ask all the right questions.

This is critical to make sure you get the right video that gives you the edge you need in the marketplace.

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Meet our founder.

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"Strategic creativity is what gives you the edge in video."

Originally from Lansing, Michigan, Patrick received a BA in Radio, TV and Film from Howard University (2010) as well as a Master’s of Fine Arts in Film from Howard (2015). Prior to starting Edge of the Frame nearly 4 years ago, he worked at Freelance Film Production, Landmark’s E Street Cinema and Peckham, Inc. He served as a Sports Video Journalist for ABC 53 WLAJ in Lansing.

“You have to have a heart and a passion for video in order to create magic for your viewer,” Patrick says. It’s the reason why he created Edge of the Film, LLC.

Meet the Team




Kerry has accumulated many years of work experience in video production. She specializes in producing and editing videos. Her keen eye for details keeps us laser focused on our clients' needs.



Director of Photography & Film Director

Michael directs our photography and videography on a larger scale for our clients. Bringing over ten years of experience to the table, he is an excellent professional to have on set.




Jade has worked in videography for nearly a decade. She’s got a creative mind for shooting and crafting video solutions that Edge clients love!

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Since joining our team a few years ago, Christina has brought a fresh perspective and approach to her position as a Producer. Now, Edge Video simply wouldn’t be the same without them.



Marketing Director

Andrea brings over 15 years of global and corporate marketing and branding experience to the team. She holds an MBA from Clemson and is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

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