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5 Tips on creating an online video for your website

It's no secret that in a world of content marketing, video reigns supreme. And yet, many companies shy away from creating video content purely because it has a reputation for being too expensive to produce. However, today, video content is easy to create and is, dare we say, essential to capturing your target audience's attention.

Here are five tips to follow when you're creating videos for your website:

1. Invest in the power of story

Your content will come to you but what really captures attention is the ability to make that content more interesting. Use your video to tell a story. Allow a professional videographer to finesse the finer details like effects and cinematography to ensure your video has real impact.

2. Optimize it for social media

Since you'll want your video content to play double duty and not only work for your website but also be shared on social media, picking the right type of video for the specific group of people you're catering to per platform is critical. Hone in on what your audience wants per platform. For example, video content on Facebook is generally upbeat, lively or motivational in nature. You want it to be shareable content.

3. Hashtags and metadata

Another way of spreading video content for websites is using hashtags that are impactful and that your target audience is using. There's plenty of value inherent in a like and a share as this is how people show their interest in your brand. The right hashtags and metadata can create a wave of the right followers for your content.

4. Always be authentic

Authenticity wins - every single time. The more authentic you can make your video, the better. Steer your content away from the typical stuffy, buttoned-up, overly-scripted corporate videos and opt for content that connects and brims with relevancy.

5. Cater to your audience

The better you know your target, the better you can craft content for them. Be aware of what they've seen a thousand times already and instead give them something fresh in the space to view. Trust us - it goes a long way.

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